Alexandra Éva Kónya · Freiburg im Breisgau

They moved our 4-element cupboard, fridge, sofa and armchair. Fast, accurate, reliable and friendly team. They do an excellent job, I can highly recommend them to anyone. Thank you for your work!

Attiláné Kisbodri

I highly recommend the services of this company. Very helpful, friendly, accurate and fair team. Thank you!

Fast and reliable transport at a good price.

gykoch –  07/01/2014 – 14:04

I have had some furniture and kitchen equipment transported from Munchen to Pecs with the above company. They were very flexible considering the date of transport, they carefully loaded and unloaded everything, nothing damaged. The price was also good, I recommend this relocation company to everyone.

Smooth and reliable relocation Stuttgart-Budapest

Sent by Flora B. –  08/23/2014 – 11:04

Another company has failed me completely. I called Janos Kovacs who came for us right away to Stuttgart and took us safely to Budapest. He was very helpful all the way through, I recommend his services to everyone. If there is anyone who would like to get more details about the service, please feel free to write me a private message.

Relocation Budapest-Kraichtal(BW)

Sent by star70 – 09/20/2014 – 17:14

Flexible and helpful, everything arrived  unscathed. He informed me in advance on the way when he will arrive!!! I recommend him to everyone!!!

Recommended! +++++

Sent by nagynadorkata – 10/31/2014 – 08:31

This relocation firm is reliable, flexible and punctual.  They have moved us from the vicinity of Budapest to Bavaria and Bade-Wurttemberg. Everything have arrived quickly and in one piece. Communication and politeness is A+! We highly recommend them to everyone!


Sent by –  11/04/2014 – 06:59

I highly recommend them to everyone. Communication is superb. They are punctual, flexible, reliable, load very precisely, all our belongings got there undamaged. Another very important point is the very reasonable price.

Relocation Schwäbisch Hall-Pilisvörösvár

Sent by ekidoki – h, 11/24/2014 – 11:39

Accurate, reliable, fast. Our stuff arrived on time and undamaged. They work extremely precisely and the price was also good. I definitely recommend them. I have already experienced politeness upon contacting them via e-mail, not like some other companies. If I would relocate again, I would definitely call them.

Exceptional service

Sent by keva246 – 11/26/2014 – 14:31

I have especially registered to be able to write this review, since when I look for service providers, it counts what reviews I read. I have travelled from Érd to the coast of Netherlands to Katwijk with them with all my stuff. I have received an exceptional service. Everything was according to what we agreed. He took care of my belongings as if they were his own. Careful, responsible and safe relocation service, I confidently recommend him to everyone.

Excellent service

Sent by Jhorvath – 01/25/2015 – 10:00

Constructive logistics, direct/fast communication, thougthful and mindful loading. In addition, they are very sympathetic people, which is important when it comes to trust. Price per value is excellent, would definitely buy in again if I would need it J

We have moved from Bavaria

Sent by labazs – cs, 07/02/2015 – 21:56

We moved from Bavaria to Érd, we have received a very reliable and pleasant service. They arrived in the agreed time, our furniture arrived with no damage also in the agreed timeframe, and the price is fair. We are absolutely satisfied, and highly recommend them to anyone.

Katalin Daruné Petrovics

We recommend the company to everyone! They are nice, punctual, helpful and reliable! Thank you again for your help!

Melinda Bocskor-Balogh

I recommend them! Their prices are really down to earth… Besides they are accurate and fast! We were most satisfied with the service! Thank you!

Tamás Réti

Reliable, polite and helpful team. Thank you for the accurate fulfillment. We recommend them to everyone.

Agnes Berta-Antalics

I was most satisfied, I do recommend them to everyone. Everything happened according to our agreement, quickly and painlessly. J

Pétervári Kinga

Hi! I do recommend them to everyone. They transported for us last week and we were highly satisfied. Thank you!

Elvira S Tóth

Flexible, reliable and precise team! All I can do is to recommend them! 😉

Márta Bosiljkov

Fast and reliable! Recommended for everyone!


Zsolt Németh

Everything happened as agreed, the furniture arrived in safety and undamaged. Thank you!

Marika Makkosne

Hi! We have also used this service and we were very satisfied. They are fast and reliable! I can recommend them to everyone!

Brigi Babi

Thank you very much! I can recommend them to everyone! Accurate, perfect, precise, fair price, everything according to what we agreed.


Balázs Györkös

Hi. I also recommend them to everyone. They are fast, punctual and helpful.

Erika Tóth

I recommend them! Punctual, precise and reliable young people! Thank you very much!

Noémi Dömök

A fair team! Do not hesitate to contact them! Thank you again!